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Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways on the Way

Here is some great news that could produce three times the energy that the US consumes now. This technology could change everything, reduce the need for oil, nuclear power and even most other forms of alternative energy like wind. The impact is minimal and even can recycling resources from garbage dumps. They dream of the day when solar roadways make up the entire energy grid of the US and…later the world. This is great news and great project. Please give it your full support.

This can change everything… along with Bitcoin and the blockchain! :)

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Dresden Bombing


As people around the world commemorate the 70th year since the end of the last great war, as the world edges toward WW3 while pushing the demonization of the Russians and the main scream media tries to make a new ‘Hitler’ out of Mr. Putin, as military exercises on the border with Russia once again shake the Europeans out of their post-war dream of peace, as the world slips into a police state unlike anything we have ever seen, as every communication, including this one, is monitored by ‘Big Brother’, and as history appears ready to repeat itself once again, nothing is more important than that all people of conscience stand together to ensure there is an end to needless wars and genocide.

So, what I am going to ask of you is to watch this 1.5 hour documentary that recently came to my attention.

Many of you may already have seen this or read the book it is based on, ‘Hellstorm: The Death of National Socialist Germany, 1944-1947′

You have seen dozens of Hollywood movies glorifying war and claiming that the Allies were liberators and that WW 2 was a ‘Good War’.

This well researched documentary tells an entirely different story, a painful story, a story everyone in the world needs to hear.

It is not for the faint of heart. But, sometimes the truth is not pleasant medicine.

If you watch this you will never look at ‘history’ the same. Please watch, share, and comment.

There has never been such a cruel, totally inhumane, and sadistic planned genocide ever in history though what the Bolshevists did to ethnic Russians is a close second due the higher numbers. But, the level of cruelty perpetrated upon the Germans has no precedent even in the days of Soviet Russia where about 100 million people perished due to murder and starvation. To put that number in perpective it is like killing off the entire population of Japan or Canada three times over.

You have seen nothing until you witness this historical account of what is clearly the most gruesome genocide in history. This is a story Hollywood will likely never want to tell you. So, don’t expect to ever see this information in the mainstream any time soon.

Hellstorm: The Death of National Socialist Germany

If you say, ‘ah, well, they deserved whatever they got’, then you are part of the problem and have NO IDEA just what they did get in the end.

Unless you are completely void of any compassion and humanity, you will surely agree that NO ONE, absolutely no one, deserves what happened to these people, no one.

Watch for yourself before you make your own assessment if you think the punishment fits, and feel free to let me know your thoughts on this historic genocide that the ‘victors’ never want you to know about.

I only share this in the hope it never happens again to ANY people, any race, or any culture ever again.

But, hope is not enough and this email to you is my way of ‘taking action’ to get the word out to as many people as possible so that we never repeat these atrocities and stop them where the seed of genocide is ongoing today as in Palestine.

Failing to understand history is a sure way to repeat it.

If you want to go into more depth on the subject I suggest you watch the 6 hour (in 15 minute digestive chunks) documentary called the Greatest Story Never Told which draws from actual historical documents, interviews, and period video clips to show the ‘Good War’ from another perspective:

This documentary attempts to tell the story in as unbiased a way as possible and just lay out the facts. You can verify these facts for yourselves and if you find any errors the director will be happy to correct them. He is just trying to present the truth and let us decide what was real and what was not about this terrible period of our history.

Although it seems like ancient history, it was only 70 years ago, a very short time ago.

Whether you are old enough to have been alive then have some recollection of the events or are like many young people who learned everything they know about WW2 from Hollywood, you don’t know half the story.

When you find out what really happened, you will certainly feel a sense of betrayal as I did.

We have had the wool  pulled over our eyes.

As they say, ‘the truth shall set you free’ …

…and ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ and we never forget the fallen ‘pawns’ on ALL sides of this craziness.

Watch it and share it if it moves you.

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Formaldehyde in your Corn

GMO Corn is Nutritionally Deficient and Laced with Formaldehyde and More Goodies

Non-GMO corn offers far more nutrition without the poison, study shows
An eye-opening investigation conducted by Canada’s only supplier of non-GMO corn seed has revealed that genetically modified “Frankencorn” is severely lacking in a number of vital nutrients. Compared to non-GMO corn varieties, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn contains only a small fraction of the amount of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese and carbon normally found in natural corn.

Shattering the myth that there’s no substantial difference between GMO and non-GMO crops, the report by De Dell Seed Company of London, Ontario, shows that GMO corn is nutritionally deficient and wholly unfit for human consumption. In nearly every vitamin and mineral category tested, GMO corn was found to contain only trace amounts of many key nutrients necessary for life.

According to the report, corn ears were selected from two adjacent corn fields in Iowa — one growing Roundup Ready corn and the other growing non-GMO corn. The corn ears were selected from multiple locations in each field two weeks prior to harvest to get a proper sampling, and they were then shelled from the cob and sent to a laboratory for testing.

When the results came back, researchers found that the Roundup Ready corn contained 13 parts per million (ppm) of glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide that the WHO recently recognized[PDF] as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” which is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established legal limit for this pesticide. The non-GMO corn, on the other hand, contained no glyphosate.

“The EPA standards for glyphosate in water in America is .7ppm,” explains Moms Across America. “European tests showed organ damage to animals at .1ppb (.0001ppm) of glyphosate in water. Our water levels allow glyphosate 7,000X higher than what has been shown to be toxic in animals. This corn has 13 ppm! 130,000 times higher than what is toxic in water!” (emphasis added)

Similarly, the GMO corn samples were found to have higher pH levels, higher sodium content and significantly less natural phosphate, potassium, calcium and magnesium compared to the non-GMO corn. The “Brix” quality measurement of the GMOcorn, which gauges sucrose content, was also found to be only one-twentieth of the Brix score for non-GMO corn.

In each of the following categories, non-GMO corn was found to have significantly higher nutrient levels:

  • Phosphate: more than 14 times higher in non-GMO corn
  • Potassium: more than 16 times higher
  • Calcium: more than 437 times higher
  • Magnesium: more than 56 times higher

The soils of the non-GMO corn were also found to be superior in terms of their mineral content, presumably because they weren’t sprayed with nutrient-robbing glyphosate, which draws out the vital nutrients of living things:

The base saturation rates, which represent a measure of soil nutrient density, were also determined as follows:

  • Sulfur: 14 times higher in non-GMO corn
  • Manganese: 7 times higher
  • Iron: more than 7 times higher
  • Zinc: more than 6 times higher
  • Copper: more than 6 times higher
  • Cobalt: more than 7 times higher
  • Molybdenum: more than 7 times higher
  • Boron: more than 7 times higher
  • Carbon: 30 times higher

GMO corn also contains dangerously high levels of toxic formaldehyde

Meanwhile, the GMO corn was found to contain extremely high levels of various chemicals, chlorides, glyphosate and even formaldehyde, which is normally metabolized into carbon dioxide through a process that is blocked by the spraying of glyphosate. Because glyphosate is a vital nutrient chelator, meaning it pulls out nutrients from the plants on which it is sprayed, experts believe the herbicide disrupts the normal enzymatic processes in plants that would otherwise break down formaldehyde.



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BitCoin Club

I suppose by now you have heard of Bitcoin?

If not, it is time to get up to speed.

If you have heard of Bitcoin chances are you think it is a digital currency of some kind.

Or, if really misinformed you might think it is a company, a ponzi, a scheme, or some kind ‘programme’ or HYIP.

Well, one of its applications is certainly as a means of exchange, or a currency.

But, it is certainly none of the others.

In fact, Bitcoin is ONE application of millions to come that is building upon what is called the ‘Block Chain’.

Think of it like this.

When the internet was set up email and bulletin boards were the first ‘applications’.

Now we have the internet as we know it and with Bitcoin the internet itself will soon take another turn.

The Blockchain represents a decentralized ledger, a decentralized NO TRUST network. That is we do not need to ‘trust’ centralized authorities to verify a transaction any longer.

This means everything we know in this world changes over night.

The net itself is on the way to becoming decentralized. See to find out where that is going.

Contracts can be verified, marriages consummated, and elections will soon be able to be completely transparent bringing an end to manipulated election data, a very good thing.

So, Bitcoin is much more than a digital currency which is just its first application.

If you still do not get the importance of the ‘Blockchain Revolution’ understand this:

1. More money has been invested in the first 5 years of Bitcoin than the first five years of investing in the internet
2. China alone accounts for 10 times the Bitcoin transaction than the rest of the world combined
3. Paypal is NOW bringing on Bitcoin
4. Richard Branson invested 30M into Bitcoin
5. Some companies are planning to accept nothing but Bitcoin within the year. NO funny money from now on.
6. Facebook Twins Invested heavily and say it will dwarf Facebook
7. Tim Draper, Silicon Valley power investor, recently bought 19M of Bitcoin and an auction. What does he know or think?
8. Tim Draper has predicted a Bitcoin worth $10,000 in 3 Years. We shall see! :)

So, how to get some Bitcoin?

The easiest way is to just find an exchanger and exchange your funny money for some Bitcoin. You can simply begin to use it like any other money. There are thousands of places online that accept Bitcoin.

Or you can buy it and take a ‘buy and hold’ approach if you are bullish, like I am, on where Bitcoin might go in the future.

Then there is MINING. This is how all Bitcoin is produced in the first place through a mathematical algorithm. Here is a tutorial on how that works.

In the early days people were mining Bitcoin with laptops. The processing speed needed was not much.

Today it is completely different. Now, it takes a HUGE amount of processing power and MASSIVE amounts of electricity to mine.

Since it has become prohibitively expensive for individuals to mine on their own, we now have MINING POOLS.

However, most mining pools had you buying into equipment that was outdated by the time it was delivered and the mining was focused on Bitcoin primarily.

Smart mining operations as actually now engaged in mining profitable coins out of the over 500+ ALT COINS on the market. Once they mine these ALT COINS they THEN convert them into Bitcoin on the open market.

There are many mining operations you can participate in. But, my personal favourite is BitClub Network for several reasons:

1. BCN’s technology ensures its equipment stays up to date with the latest by forcing compounding of some of your mined Bitcoin to buy more processing power. This means the amount of power producing Bitcoin for you compounds for you on a DAILY basis. This means BCN also makes it a level playing field for new miners and early miners.

2. BCN is entirely Bitcoin in and Bitcoin out. It accepts no fiat currencies.

3. It is based in Europe in a Bitcoin friendly jurisdiction

4. It does not require any referring of people to compound and grow your Bitcoin holdings

5. IF one does participate in their affiliate program, it becomes crazy powerful as each time a referral re-purchases Bitcoin Pool Shares on a daily basis, you are getting paid in Bitcoin a small percentage of that purchase, up to 27.5%. Over time these little bits compound into a significant amount of shares that are continuing to mine more Bitcoin. It is very powerful. Just one referral can expand your Bitcoin mining volume considerably over time. This makes BCN the ONLY LEGITIMATE Mining Operation I know of at this time that leverages an ‘organization’ to accumulate even more Bitcoin.

Therefore, I think it makes much more sense than ‘buy and hold’ as BCN will create a BITCOIN INCOME for you that you can USE or HOLD as you like.

It is also better than buying into a typical non-compounding mining pool where you are buying a static amount of processor power that is quickly not mining what it used to. BCN has solved that problem completely and is constantly re-investing in more power because we are buying more power on a daily basis FROM OUR PROFITS. Ingenious.

If interested in learning more you can click on the banner below and register as a free member. If, after doing your due diligence, you see the potential as I do you can upgrade to full member status for $99. This then allows you to participate in the Mining Pools. It is that easy.